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What to look for in a skills camp ...

You want a camp that has a good cirriculum and plan

1. Experienced Coaches:

The clinic should be led by experienced coaches who have played or coached at high levels of the sport. They should have a deep understanding of the game and be able to effectively communicate their knowledge to players of all ages and skill levels.

2. Structured Program:

The clinic should have a well-structured program that focuses on developing specific

skills such as power skating, edgework, stickhandling puck possession, or all of the aforementioned. Each session should have a clear objective, and players should be given ample opportunity to practice and refine their skills through ample repetition.

3. Smaller Groups

Small group instruction is crucial for players to receive individual feedback and attention. A good clinic should have a low coach-to-player ratio to ensure players receive adequate attention. In our opinion over-marketed, well-known camps tend to do the opposite sometimes cramming 30 or 40 skaters onto a sheet of ice. M ore players limites interaction witn coahces and also limits a player's reps.

4. Varied Drills:

The clinic should incorporate a variety of drills that challenge players in different ways

and help them develop broader aspects of their game. The drills should be age-appropriate and designed to improve specific skills such as skating, shooting, passing, and puck control.

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5. Fun and Competitive Environment:

The clinic should provide a fun and competitive environment that motivates players to work hard and improve their skills. Players should be challenged but also encouraged to push themselves and feel supported.

6. Focus on Sportsmanship:

The clinic should emphasize the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork. Players should be taught to respect their teammates, opponents, and coaches and to play the game with integrity and respect for the rules.


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