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Four essentials for every hockey bag ...

Going to the rink is always an experience, especially regarding equipment issues, which always seem to crop up at the worst times. Players are always on the go, running to and from the rink and whether they forget to pack something or a lace breaks or a screw comes out of a helmet ... you can bet it will happen right as you're about to pop onto the ice for the opening puck drop!

That said, every player should have these four things in their bag at all times, whether it is for their benefit or a teammate's benefit. Some of the items mentioned below are more obvious than others but yet everyday players go to the rink without some of these items.

1. Hockey Tape - Everyone uses tape for lots of different reasons, yet in every practice or game, someone is always looking for tape (it's a long season, so keep it stocked and in your player's bag)

Hockey tape serves several vital roles in a player's gear arsenal. Its primary use is wrapping the blade of a hockey stick, enhancing the grip on the puck, adding spin to shots, and safeguarding the blade from damage. Additionally, players frequently utilize hockey tape to optimize their handle or knob grip, ensuring better control and

preventing the stick from slipping out of their grasp. However, when it comes to handles, our preference for stick grips is the rubberized Buttendz grips. Another practical application is securing shin guards; while most shin guards come with straps, they often need help to keep them in place effectively. Players turn to clear hockey tape to address this issue, ensuring their shin guards remain securely positioned. Having an ample supply of clear tape in your bag is essential to avoid last-minute hassles and delays on the ice.

2. Skate Laces - Broken skate laces happen constantly and ALWAYS at the most inopportune time. Make sure your player keeps a few pairs of spare skate laces in their bag to avoid disruptions during games or practices.

3. Helmet Repair Kit: A lost or loose screw or a broken bracket on a player cage or fishbowl is always the worst feeling. A small helmet repair kit typically includes a screwdriver, clips, and screws, which is a godsend because, as always, it occurs at the worst possible time.

4. Stick kit with Hockey Wax and Scissors - Another item players should not be without

is their stick accessory bag, which typically includes wax for grip and also aids in reduced snow buildup on the blade, and of course, scissors since most players tape around the toe of their stick blade these days and need to trim off the excess tape.

All of the aforementioned items will make for a less stressful hockey season for you and your player!

For older players or more serious players some other items to consider keeping in their bags: a backup pair of sharpened steel for their skates, a first aid kit, and an extra pair of gloves for the teammate who inevitably only packs one glove by accident LOL!


Coach Kevin

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