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Two, 90-Minute Sessions


Sat., Nov. 25th, 9:20 PM - 10:50 PM Lower Edge Rink, Bedford MA
Sun., Nov. 26th,  2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Lower Edge Rink, Bedford MA

🏒⚡️ Get Ahead, Stay Ahead: Fusion Hockey's Winning Formula for High School Tryouts! 🚀

Hey Rising Hockey Stars,

The high school tryouts are on the horizon, and the key to success lies in preparation. Fusion Hockey knows that the journey to making the team requires more than just raw talent – it demands precision, strategy, and an in-depth understanding of what coaches are seeking. Here's why Fusion Hockey's targeted training is your game-changer:

🎯 Position-Specific Drills:

Ever feel like your training is too generic? Fusion Hockey dives deep into position-specific drills, ensuring you master the intricacies of your role on the ice. Whether you're a sniper, a playmaker, or a defensive powerhouse, our camp customizes drills to enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses. Coaches will be looking for players who not only understand their position but excel in it – and that's precisely what Fusion Hockey delivers.

(see some highlight from our spring camp in the video above)

🧠 Coaches' Insight:

We're not just coaches; we're strategists who've been in the game. Fusion Hockey's staff has an inside track on what high school coaches are seeking. Our training goes beyond the physical – we equip you with the mental toolkit to understand and execute the plays coaches love. Impress them not just with your skills, but with your HockeyIQ. Be the player they didn't know they needed.

🚀 Preparation for the Unexpected:

High school tryouts are notorious for throwing curveballs. Fusion Hockey doesn't just prepare you for the expected; we ready you for the unexpected. Our drills simulate real-game scenarios, ensuring you're poised to shine no matter what the tryouts throw your way. Coaches love players who can adapt and thrive under pressure – stand out as that player!

🎖️ The Competitive Edge:

In a sea of aspiring players, you need an edge. Fusion Hockey is your secret weapon. Elevate your game with us, and watch as coaches take notice of your polished skills, strategic prowess, and commitment to excellence.

🔥 What Fusion Hockey Offers:

  • Targeted Positional Training: Enhance your role-specific skills for a standout performance.

  • Insider Knowledge: Understand the coaches' perspective and meet their expectations.

  • Adaptive Drills: Tackle any on-ice challenge with confidence and finesse.

  • Mental Toughness: Develop the resilience and focus that coaches admire.

🚨 Secure Your Spot – Elevate Your Game!

Don't let the tryouts catch you off guard. Fusion Hockey's targeted training is your key to outclassing the competition. Visit to secure your spot. High school success starts with Fusion Hockey – where preparation meets triumph on the ice. ⚡️🏒



  • How to walk the offensive blue line

  • Find open shooting lanes in the offensive zone

  • Defensive zone breakout tips and techniques

  • Becoming a more effective shooter 

tight edges.jpg


  • Puck protection using agility and body positioning

  • Learn to play the "high-low" and "cycling game" in the offensive zone 

  • Offensive and Defensive zone tactics, positioning, and playing within the team structure  

KHL Star skating.jpg


  • Real-time feedback on team, individual and positional play

  • Ability to teach power play and penalty killing concepts

  • Reinforce the importance of on-ice, in-game communication 

Boost your player's playing time and secure their spot on the roster!

Elevate your player's game and secure more playing time with our real-time feedback. Incorporate our camp teachings to gain coaches' trust by consistently making the right plays.

WAIT... Dot let Your Player Be Unprepared For Tryouts! 

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