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Increased reps are the path to improvement ...

Have you ever watched a player execute a fantastic play on the ice and wondered how they made such a challenging play look so easy? Well, it's pretty simple repetitions, lots and lots of repetitions. It's only with repeated practice and skill development that players can make the seemingly hard look effortless., Repetitions are crucial for a myriad of reasons, the top ones cited below:

1. Skill development & mastery: Repetition enhances muscle memory and helps athletes develop and refine specific skills required for hockey players. By practicing

Practice makes perfect!

proper stride technique, edge work, and puckhandling particular movements and techniques repeatedly, players will improve their coordination, timing, and execution, eventually mastering those skills.

2. Consistency: Regular repetitions build consistency in performance and execution. Athletes who consistently practice their skills in practice are more likely to replicate them accurately in game situations, leading to better overall performance.

3. Physical conditioning: Repetitions help hockey players build strength, endurance, and stamina specific to their sport. Regular repetitions can improve cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle strength, and enhance physical conditioning.

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4. Mental preparation: Repetition builds mental toughness and prepares hockey players for the demands of their sport. Consistently practicing under pressure situations in practice helps athletes develop the mental resilience needed to perform well in high-stress games.

5. Confidence building: Frequent repetition makes hockey players more comfortable and confident in their abilities. As they master their skills through repetition, they gain confidence in their capabilities, positively impacting their game performance.

6. Skill transferability: Repetition helps hockey players transfer skills from practice to real-game scenarios. Hockey players can better adapt and apply these skills in dynamic and unpredictable game situations by repeatedly practicing specific movements and techniques.

Overall, repetitions are essential for hockey players to improve their performance, build consistency, enhance physical conditioning, develop mental toughness, boost confidence, and effectively transfer skills to competitive settings.


Coach Kevin

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