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Summer Skills Flex Schedule Camp - Mini Packages

Fusion Hockey's Summer Skills Flex Mini Package Program offers players and families the best of both worlds: robust skill development, flexible scheduling, and a lower commitment option to create their own custom schedules.


The available sessions to create your custom skills package run from 7/23 to 8/27. All sessions are at the Edge in Bedford, MA. A minimum of five sessions must be purchased as part of a mini-package. 

Check the Schedule Link below to view available dates before selecting a suitable session package. Once you've selected a package (during the payment procession portion), you can attend whichever session date you choose without being tied to specific dates. For example, if you choose a 7-session package, you can attend any 7-session dates from the remaining available sessions that fit your schedule. Check the Pricing Link below for Mini Package Pricing.






Key Benefits:

  • Flexible Scheduling:

    • Choose from 11 sessions, only needing to attend 5.

    • Players can select anywhere from 11-5 sessions that fit their schedule, with no predefined attendance dates.

    • Plan around family vacations and summer plans without missing out on training.

  • Consistent Skill Development:

    • Structured sessions build on each other for steady improvement.

    • Focus on skating, stickhandling, shooting, puck possession, and positional play.

  • Expert Coaching:

    • Personalized live feedback.

    • Smaller group sizes for individualized attention.

  • Balanced Lifestyle:

    • Encourages family time and personal activities.

    • Maintains players' enthusiasm and commitment to hockey.

Fusion Hockey's program ensures players can enhance their skills and enjoy their summer, striking the perfect balance between training and leisure.

See A Camp Clip Below

WAIT ... Don't forget to Register before you leave. Spots are limited to 18 skaters, and our Flex scheduling program is very popular.

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