On Ice Training 

Skating/Edge Skills

Skating has always been an important skill for any hockey player, however in today's game it is the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL!  Players that can combine, power, speed and agility into their skating are players that will excel.

Puck Possession / Puck Handling Skills

Puck possession is a key trait that separates good players from great ones. Players that can control the puck have a greater impact on the game.  Good puck possession starts and ends with good stick handling skills. 

Shooting Skills

You can't score goals if you don't shoot! Successful goal scorers have lightning quick releases and pinpoint accuracy. Developing good shooting technique is the key to being a good shooter.  We help players develop the proper form and technique to become excellent shooters. We also help players work on shot deception techniques to catch goaltenders off guard.

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