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After dedicating eight years to perfecting our training methods, this camp stands as the culmination of our most influential skills development program to date! 

Our player development curriculum places a strong emphasis on honing edgework, enhancing agility, mastering puck possession, elevating Hockey IQ, and introducing a new addition – position-specific skills training (customized coaching for forwards and defensemen). These elements will expertly prepare your player for the upcoming November tryouts and the ensuing regular season.

Sessions are mostly on Saturday/Sunday nights (plus 2 Thursday nights) at the Edge in Bedford, MA (9:20 PM), accommodating high school fall sports and club hockey commitments.

Explore our Spring Skills Camp highlights below! Our camp is all about high energy, tempo, and fun – don't forget to crank up the volume for the music overlay!

At Fusion Hockey, we customize training for players based on their position, be it defenseman or forward. This tailored approach sharpens role-specific skills.

Moreover, our camp prioritizes controlled scrimmages with immediate coach feedback, boosting your player's Hockey IQ. It's not just skill; it's about smart on-ice choices. Controlled scrimmages teach situational play and better decision-making.



  • How to walk the offensive blue line

  • Find open shooting lanes in the offensive zone

  • Defensive zone breakout tips & techniques

  • Becoming a more effective shooter 

tight edges.jpg


  • Puck protection using agility and body positioning

  • Learn to play the "high-low" and "cycling game" in the offensive zone 

  • Offensive & Defensive zone tactics, positioning, and playing within the team structure  

KHL Star skating.jpg


  • Real-time feedback on team and individual and positional play

  • Ability to teach power play and penalty killing concepts

  • Reinforce the importance of on-ice, in-game communication 

Boost your player's playing time and secure their spot on the roster!

Elevate your player's game and secure more playing time with our real-time feedback. Incorporate our camp teachings to gain the trust of coaches by consistently making the right plays.

Our mid-camp assessments pinpoint areas for improvement, helping players shine during tryouts and the regular season.

Camp Schedule

Sessions increase in length as the camp progresses - we start slower (60 mins per session) and then ramp up into November (90 mins per session) ahead of tryouts and the start of the regular season.


WAIT... Register before you go! Camp only has room for twenty-four skaters!

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