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May 6th - June 26th, Monday Nights, 7:40 PM - 8:40 PM at the Edge Sports Center in Bedford, MA

8 hours of on-ice instruction for $250

🏒⚡️ Unleash Your Player's Elite Potential: Fusion Hockey's Cutting-Edge Spring Skills Camp! 🚀🚀 

Get ready to take your player's game to the next level this Spring with Fusion Hockey's unparalleled focus on elite skills development.

🔥 Elite Edge Work Training:
Experience a comprehensive approach to edge work that goes beyond the basics. Fusion Hockey's Elite Skills Camp zeroes in on refining your edges, ensuring your player gains the agility and precision needed to outmaneuver opponents effortlessly. Whether it's quick turns, tight corners, or rapid pivots, our camp hones your edges to elite perfection.

💨 Over-Speed Drills:
In the fast-paced world of modern hockey, speed is king. Fusion Hockey introduces cutting-edge over-speed drills to push your player's limits and enhance their skating velocity. Our camp accelerates your player's on-ice speed, giving you the edge over the competition.

🏒 Puck Handling Mastery:
Mastering the puck is a non-negotiable skill in today's game. Fusion Hockey's Elite Skills Camp elevates your player's puck handling to an elite level. From quick dangles to deft stickwork, our camp provides intensive training to make your player a puck wizard. Dominate possession, control the play, and leave defenders in your player's wake with our focused puck-handling sessions.

🛡️ Puck Protection Proficiency:
In the modern game, maintaining possession is key. Fusion Hockey's camp specializes in puck protection techniques that shield the puck from opponents and allow your player to navigate through traffic. They will learn to use their body and stick effectively, gaining the confidence to protect the puck in tight spaces and make strategic plays.

🚨 Secure Your Spot – Elevate Your Skills!
Don't miss the chance to transform your player's game this Spring. Join Fusion Hockey's Elite Skills Camp and have your player emerge as a player ready to dominate today's modern hockey arena.

Visit to secure your spot.

Empower your player's game with Fusion Hockey – where elite skills meet today's modern player.

WAIT... Register before you go! Camp only has room for 20 skaters and will fill up fast!

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