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Save your gloves and improve your grip with Buttendz!

Several years ago, I tried Buttendz because the concept of a rubberized grip similar to a golf club made so much sense. I also have used the product for four years, as has my high school-aged son ... and we both love it!! Like golf clubs have used a rubber handle grip forever, Buttendz took the same approach to hockey sticks ... a simple but genius concept!

Below, I highlight some reasons why I prefer buttendz to tape.

1. Enhanced Grip: The primary function of the Buttendz grip is to provide players with an improved grip on their hockey stick. The textured surface and unique grip design offer excellent control, allowing players to handle the puck more effectively, shoot more accurately, and pass more precisely. Moreover, the elasticity of our natural rubber grips helps absorb the energy your stick receives from a puck on your blade.

2. Reduced Glove Wear: Traditional tape grips can be super rough on the palms of hockey gloves, causing them to wear out and develop holes much faster. The rubber Buttendz grips are gentler on gloves and eliminate the risk of chemicals from the

adhesive side getting wet and coating the outside of your grip tape. This constant exposure from tape subjects the palms of your gloves to constant friction against a hazardous (to leather) chemical, which can accelerate glove deterioration. Buttendz grips help extend the lifespan of your gloves while maintaining a comfortable and consistent grip on your stick. I can tell you from personal experience I would always have holes developing in my gloves after a year or so when using tape. However, with buttendz, I am going on three years with the same gloves and have zero holes!!

3. Reduced Vibration: Buttendz grips are engineered to absorb and dampen vibrations from the impact of the puck, the ice, and other sticks. This vibration reduction helps to minimize the discomfort and potential injury associated with repeated high-impact shots and stickhandling.

4. Durability & Reusability: Buttendz grips are made from high-quality rubber compounds built to withstand the rigors of hockey gameplay. They resist wear and tear,

providing players with a long-lasting grip solution that doesn't need frequent replacement; unlike tape, which wears out and needs to be reapplied or gets tossed out when your stick breaks, buttendz grips can be transferred from your old sticks to your new stick.

5. Improved Stickhandling: The Buttendz grip's ergonomic design and tacky texture give players better stickhandling control. This is especially important in close-quarters situations, where quick and precise stickhandling can make the difference between maintaining possession of the puck and losing it to an opponent.

If you want a ButtendZ grip, check them out here on Amazon. Your player and their gloves will both thank you!

6. Consistency: Unlike traditional cloth or tape grips, Buttendz grips offer a consistent feel whenever you use them. They don't break down or get soggy like cloth tape can,

ensuring that your grip remains consistent throughout a game or practice session. Additionally, they spare your gloves from the abrasive effects of tape adhesive.

7. Easy Installation: Installing a Buttendz grip is a straightforward process that doesn't require the same skill and time as taping a stick. This convenience is particularly valuable for players who want a reliable grip without the hassle of frequent re-taping.

8. Customization: Buttendz grips come in various designs, colors, and thicknesses, allowing players to choose a grip that suits their preferences and style. This customization not only enhances the aesthetics of the stick but also tailors the grip to the player's specific needs, all while protecting gloves from chemical exposure.

9. Improved Shot Accuracy: With better control and reduced vibrations, players can often achieve more accurate shots, whether they're taking slap shots, wrist shots, or snapshots. The improved grip allows for a more consistent and accurate puck release while safeguarding gloves from chemical wear.

10. Cost-Effective: While Buttendz grips may have a higher upfront cost than tape, their durability and longevity can make them cost-effective in the long run. You won't need to re-tape your stick as often, saving money on tape and time on maintenance.

In summary, Buttendz hockey stick grips offer numerous benefits, including enhanced grip, reduced vibration, durability, improved stick handling, and customization options, all while protecting gloves from premature wear due to the chemicals in adhesive tape. These grips can contribute to a player's overall performance on the ice and provide a more comfortable and consistent experience, ultimately enhancing their game while preserving their gear.

If you or your player haven't tried buttendz yet, I strongly recommend you do!


Coach Kevin

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